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A description of Earth's different layers

Beneath your feet there is an astounding amount of complexity. Click on the arrow below to find out about it!

Crust Layer: The planet's outermost layer, composed of organic material, rock, and a limitless supply of crude oil.

Spider Layer: Where all the goddamn spiders come from, there are so many goddamn spiders.

Vegelayer: A 400-mile-thick layer of Vegemite. The three natural Vegemite springs on the Earth's surface have their wellsprings here.

Puppy Dog Layer.

Cotton Candy Layer.

Killnightmare Layer.

Bunny Rabbit Layer.

Killswitch Layer: A 300-mile-thick layer of highly potent explosives, allowing the aliens that created us to obliterate us at any time.

Tartarus Layer: A series of caverns howling with the endless echoes of Rush Limbaugh's laughter.

Underbrain Layer: A thick layer of neurons which form Earth's well-documented and capricious brain.

Inner Layer: Home of Zoltan the Earthfrog, whose ribbiting is the cause of sadness amongst all Earth's creatures, whose existence does sustain our own.

05 September 2010.
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