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Various incidents found in the Afghan War Diary

Wikileaks recently released upwards of 91,000 previously classified military communications, calling the collection "The Afghan War Diary". To help make sense of this huge volume of information, here's a look at a few salient incidents contained in the documents:

2/3/2004: Farah, Farah Province

An argument over a pitcher of Kool-Aid results in spilled Kool-Aid.

12/4/2007: Dishu, Helmand Province

A hitherto friendly Skee-ball competition between Afghanis and coalition troops is marred by mutual accusations of cheating.

1/3/2005: Qal`eh-ye Now, Badghis Province

A man tortured by coalition forces claims not to have read a single Harry Potter book.

11/13/2005: Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province

A cross-cultural open-mic night is completely ruined by one Afghani who won't stop reading Trent Reznor lyrics.

10/12/2004: Chaghcharan, Ghor Province

In a rare act of confusion and miscommunication, an innocent civilian walks into a clearly marked "combat zone" and is very nearly injured accidentally by soldiers.

10/7/2004: Tarin Kowt, Uruzgan Province

An Afghani man is disqualified from a Taliban/Coalition dodgeball game after throwing three balls at opposing players' heads.

8/13/2006: Sheberghan, Jowzjan Province

In a focus group, a civilian expresses "dissatisfaction" with the coalition troops that killed his wife and children.

12/30/2008: Kowt-e `Ashrow, Maidan Wardak Province

Local disaffection is high because the ice cream man hardly ever has any Choco-Falafels in stock.

12/23/2006: Kabul, Kabul Province

A group of Afghanis is displaying the American flag incorrectly according to the United States Flag Code; a group of coalition troops informs them of their mistake; the Afghanis express their appreciation.

11/14/2008: Mahmud Raqi, Kapisa Province

There isn't a single Taco Bell open at 9PM, not even a drive-through.

4/11/2008: Fayzabad, Badakhshan Province

Popular support for the occupying American forces gets dangerously high; the shower of friendly hugs incapacitates a group of five American soldiers.

31 July 2010.
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